Vaginal rejuvenation has become one of the most popular options for women who seek to recontour their vagina after major weight loss, childbirth, injury, a hereditary condition, or from natural aging. Labiaplasty is the reshaping of the vagina's outer lips (labia). Vaginal rejuvenation not only offers relief, but increased self-confidence to help women feel more comfortable during sex, exercising, and also while wearing certain types of clothing.


The following conditions could indicate that vaginal rejuvenation is right for you: 

​ - If you experience pain or soreness during exercise or with sexual activity. 

 - If the structure of your vagina has stretched or changed over time. 

 - If the effects of childbirth have led to reduced sensation during sex. 

You are most likely a good candidate if you have realistic expectations, are in good general health, and if you desire or experience the following: 

- If your vaginal structures sag due to pregnancies, weight loss, or aging. 

- If you have discomfort from previous genital surgeries. 

- If you would like to change the appearance or shape of your labia and vulva.