After having my twins, my confidence plummeted.  Even after the weight loss, I could not get my body back to how it looked prior to pregnancy.  I elected to have a mommy make-over.  Dr. Hughes and Heidi listened to my concerns and desired outcome.  From start to finish, they gave me the upmost care.  Even after surgery, they were available to answer all my questions and concerns.  I'm incredibly satisfied with the results of the surgery.  I'm so thankful to have had a wonderful experience by an awesome team.  Since my procedure, I have referred friends and family, whom have also had great experiences.  Thank you Dr. Hughes! 


When I came to visit Dr. Hughes,  I was feeling fear, loss of self and a lot of conflicting emotions and it was devastating to my self-esteem.  I had a full mastectomy and reconstruction but I continued to feel disfigured and incomplete because I did not look good in my clothes. I always felt that other people were always staring at me. I did not feel that I would ever feel beautiful again. I had concurred Breast Cancer but not the issues that it left me with. I wanted to look like a woman again. I wanted to wear my buttondown shirts, my sweetheart neckline and wear a beautiful bra. Dr. Hughes and his team made me feel whole again. He made my breast look BEAUTIFUL again! He gave me back my self-esteem and healed me emotionally and physically. I had been dealing with these issues over the last three years. I will never be able to put into words of how grateful I am to you. You sculpted me back into a woman again.  A sincerely hope you know the significant role you have played in my life. 

- Penny

Dr. Hughes, His phenomenal Nurse Heidi, and amazing staff have been a part of my journey for the last two of my three year Breast Cancer story.
I initially met with Dr. Hughes after I completed radiation to talk about breast reconstruction. I went through the procedure, and unfortunately picked up a micro bacteria on my right implant. After having that implant removed, and fighting off the infection for a few months....I decided that having another implant put in it’s place was not for me. Instead, I chose to have my left implant taken out. I have heard horror stories from many of my fellow Breast Cancer sisters about how their surgeons would try and talk them out of doing this.......but not Dr. Hughes!!!!!  He has always made me feel comfortable, and told me he is here to help me feel good in my own skin. Having explant and revision surgeries to help me go “Flat” have completely changed my life for the better.  No matter if you choose to have Breast Reconstruction or Breast Revision surgery.....Dr. Hughes is THE BEST! He and Heidi do not treat you like just another patient. They truly care and they treat you like their friend.


When I turned 50 I decided to do something nice for myself. For the first time in my life, I started feeling my age and noticing my wrinkles.  Although I was nervous, I made an appointment with Southpoint Plastic Surgery.  The minute I walked in I was greeted in a friendly manner and immediately felt comfortable.  Then I met Heidi who did my Botox.  Wow!  She is a genius and an artist with the needle.  She is friendly, welcoming, and explained everything carefully and in depth.  I have been twice and plan to continue coming in.  I did this for me and I feel beautiful.


I have been seeing Rowland at SPPS for Cool Sculpt for a few years.  He has sculpted me for sure!  I am a mid-50’s fit woman who does not diet, but eats well and does hot yoga 4+ times per week.  I think Rowland has helped boost my confidence as my body ages and I cannot eliminate those stubborn fat areas.  I might be his best customer, but I also know he has great expertise in choosing the right area and applicator to get my body looking more youthful.  I recommend his skill and the warm staff and environment of SPPS.  I always feel well cared for and can get lots of computer work done on the WiFi while I am having my treatments.  What more  could you want?  Body confidence while working and  multi-tasking make a great combination for  busy people.

- Dana

Southpoint Plastic Surgery performed my procedure in a very professional and caring manner. They did a super job in explaining all of the steps involved and the followup afterwards was even better than I anticipated. I am totally satisfied

with the outcome and the attention given by all of the staff during the process and would highly recommend them.